Services: Technology Staffing Solutions
We have a process.

We appreciate the Hiring Manager's and Client's busy schedules. Our mission is to simplify the hiring process and take away the risk associated with it.

By utilizing our technical staffing services at i-Werkz, you free your existing talent and enable them to focus on more critical tasks. This will dramatically reduce your hiring expenses and resource allocation.

I-Werkz Technology Staffing helps our Clients determine, implement and execute their critical technology initiatives. We view the vendor/client relationship as a partnership - the stronger the partnership, the better equipped we are to consistently and successfully match our candidates to the culture of the Client's organization.

Job fit can be easily developed. However, organizational fit is not easily built and organizational fit plays a huge role in overall employee satisfaction. Our Staffing Solutions aggressively source highly qualified talent from our extremely effective network of candidates. We will then carefully screen each candidate to find the BEST fit for your unique culture. And we do it with a sense of urgency that gives us that extra edge.

We administer our I-Werkz Questionnaire to our clients (and job-seekers) in order to get an in-depth look at what makes your company successful and what is important to you when hiring. To supplement this, we do an in-depth client visit to ensure that all of our questions are answered in order to make placements properly and within the cultural dynamics of the organization.

Positions we staff:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Information Architect
  • Project Architect
  • Programmer
  • Software Developer (.Net, Java/J2EE, MySQL and SQL Server)
  • Professional Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Webmaster
  • IT Project Resources
  • Database Developer
  • IT Executive Professionals

Services Offered:

  • I-Werkz Technology Staffing offers a simple solution for companies that encounter fluctuating technology staffing needs. Whether you are seeking short term or long term staff augmentation, I-Werkz will find you the quality and experienced placements that you are seeking and allow them to immediately impact your project's goals. I-Werkz and the Client will agree on an hourly bill rate and a projected time frame. Once the contract is started, I-Werkz will handle all payroll functions - from generation and distribution to taxes and reporting.<

  • Contract-to-permanent services allow the client to evaluate the performance of the I-Werkz consultant before actually hiring them permanently. As with Contract Services, there is an agreed upon hourly rate and a minimum contract duration. After the specified time period is fulfilled, the Client has the option to add the consultant as a regular employee by paying a pre-determined conversion fee. This is a great way to evaluate the talent on the job and reduce the multiple risks associated with direct hire.

  • I-Werkz Technology Staffing offers the ideal solution for companies looking to build their current technical resources without adding to the stress of recruiting and screening potential candidates. In addition, I-Werkz follows the best practices in locating that premium talent that companies are seeking. I-Werkz and the company will agree on the terms of the Direct Hire placement, which typically includes a fee percentage and a guaranteed period to protect the company and ensure complete satisfaction.

For more information about our Technology Staffing Solutions and experience, please contact us.

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