About Us: Methodology
People, Process and Performance

It takes more than a talented team of individuals to deliver business and technology solutions that are right the first time. It takes a well-defined process and approach that guarantees success. Many firms boast process. Many have good people. But no one combines the two better than i-Werkz Technologies.

i-Werkz Technologies' process closely follows IBM's Rational Unified Process (RUP) and has been modified and fine-tuned based on extensive project experience. Enforcement of the process is critical to success.

When developing custom software applications, no two projects are exactly alike. By following a flexible software development process, we are able to understand client expectations and provide consistent guidance to their development teams. This allows us to minimize risk, ensure predictable results, and deliver high-quality software on time.

The i-Werkz Technologies process consists of four phases: Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition. The completion of each phase is marked with a milestone, setting measurable standards for achievement as the project proceeds, tracking schedules and progress.


Our process is iterative in nature, allowing us to quickly deploy meaningful functionality for review by all stakeholders early on in the project. It also allows for frequent feedback to the development team as the application is being developed. As a result, we ensure that the final software application meets client expectations.


By following this well-defined process, i-Werkz Technologies can guarantee our clients overall satisfaction.

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